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So it begins...

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SCORE! First compsci comic is finally up!! =D

This is the comic about compsci's members really... Hacker Dan, Mazer and DanShadows are seen in this very first strip. More user based (I think all of the characters will be based after some active user on the forums) characters will be introduced later on, as the story progresses.

The comic is skedualed to be updated once a week. Though I already finished next week's comic So we'll see how things go.

Anyways, this is my rant box in which I'll be talking about the comic and whatever else I feel like talking about at the moment of update. Such as right now I feel like telling you guys I've got a case of empty pepsi cans on my desk. That's the stuff that keeps me up whole night and makes me act like an ass in school the following morning.

Enjoy the comic!

Technical Consultant

OMG, that was one hell load of coding to make this site go up and in just 2 days! I think it has fried my brians, i am dreaming php code in my dreams now all becuase tony did not whont to have to mauanly up load some small comics. Well hopfully i got the code rigth the first time and will not have to make to many chages to it. we still need to get some nice buttions for Next/Previous but that can w8 for now since we only have one comic to show :p.

And about that pepsi thing tony has there, what is up with that? Dose he not know that coke pwns pepsi? He thinks he needs it to stay up, i am the one who had to make the site in 2 days becuase it "had to be up by monday!". I dont even know why i made the code for this?!?! I most have been on somting when he asked.

I most say this site dose look good tho, pratly thx to Amailer who made the layout for it all. The about part is still not working along with a few othe minor things, but i will get to that some day.

Anyhow, i hope u all like the comic site. This could be the best thing out of yet (epslay since it is the only thing so far).

W00T Site is FINALLY up. Thanx to Tony and Dan for starting all this up and putting it in motion. Keep giving us ideas for more stories, because we can never have enough. Ah Justin Your Right! You lied to us Tony. :D I have nothing left to say so... End Communication.

Hey Everyone This would be your Favorite Spammer signing in , Welcome To The Compsci comic , everyone put your hands together for tony who let us start this mess and for Hacker Dan who graciously (typo ) helped us along in getting the site prepared and gettingt the comic up , jsut remember that its all thanks to compsci that we have this , so 3 chers for compsci , this weeks compic starts the story of the msterious book of typos , if you dont knwo anything about it or are just new , take a look around compsci and you will be amazed at what you find, I hopeeveryone enjoys this and Il update this Bad Boy Next Week **** Look at tonys pic on the middle of the right hand side just inward a bit .....THATS NOT PEPSI , im horrified***