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MSN troubles

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Well this is more about Dan's screwy MSN then anything. He kept on getting logged off for the past few days. Was kinda interesting really since I started seeing weird things on my end as well... such as I never knew you could 'wait' for somebody to join the chat... not to mention someone who's in fact offline :|

Also it seems that all I got in my fridge are some pickels and a can of... is that coffee??!

I've got to go grocery shopping...

Technical Consultant

Grrrrr, dang msnm

Any how i updated the layout of these text boxs, it is still a bit buggy so bare with us in till i can get it all fixed up. if you see any bugs with it e-mail us or post in the comic fourm on

P.S. woot i am on top!

Ya MSN has kept logging me out as well the last couple weeks. DAMN THEM!!

THats one depressing fridge tony , i wouldnt like coming home to that , And by hte way i love the twist in the comic this week ,