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Economics ISP

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Sorry guys, but this week is not comic friendly :| On top of Euclid and various tests and assignments, I've got this 2500 word economics ISP to write :(

In other news, zylum has made a post about this Risk Game check it out and help take over the world!

Play Game

Click Anywhere on the map (we're red) to claim that piece of land for compsci!

I took over Europe and Japan :P Umm... I should get back to writing my economics now...

Technical Consultant

Ah ic that is now in total conotrl of the world. Fianly our securty plans have come true!!!! ha ha ha. now for the rest of the univers.

any how this week has been crazy with school for me as well, dang geo math. But on to my weekly rant:

todays rant is on lanschool. what is lanschool u may ask? well supsrising most poleop who go to schools in ontrartio have seen it in some from or another b4 but may just not know it. Lanschool is a lite icon that sites in the task bar of many school computers esply in computer labs. it looks like a green blackborad or a circle made of green dots. Now what dose this icon do? well it recoreds everything you do, see or go to on that computer as well as let any person with the treacher software see your screen, conorl your computer, black out your screen or many other evil things that evade your pricely muchly.

now this evadsion of pervicey may not seem like a big deal, since it is there computers and there network even if they dont tell you about it. But my problm is with the poleop who make it. One day i was borad and of corse i side to my self what should i hack and so i whent to work on lanschool. only affter a short time i found a big hole in the software that whould alow any one from any where to take conorel over any computer ruing it. so of corse being the good person i am, i reported this masive problem to lanschool. And there relpy to my nicely word e-mail with desceipoins on how to fix the problem was basick screw you, we whould rather work on ways on checking hackers then fix our software. and they also impledted that if i used this hole i whould be sudpedned and/or expolited and/or perosicuted in a court of law.

now nice poleop eh? so for my next rant i think i will go in to dealals on how this software can be expolited and how others like it can be as well ;)


Wow , i have exams and come back to this , ( by the way that risk game is awsome , i clicked a good 200 times and got all of canada, but then BAM some green people stole it