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i'm on fire

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heh, I'm sorry for leaving my economics project up there for a while... I don't know if anyone even reads this other than Dan, so he was the only one telling me to update.

You might have heard rumours of a compsci survivor series and they are true ;) We just need some time to plan things out, more info to come as I come up with ideas :P Or somebody (Dauntless?) sujests something usefull.

Dan and I will be hosting the event (naturally). Dan is already packed and ready to vote people off

I myself will be snaping my fingers and reshaping the world as a please for my own amusement.

btw - we'll be recruiting from active users for the cast and getting ideas from trapped on an island thread. So just spam around there if you really want on.

also it seems that my writing team ditched me... those losers. If you have any cool ideas for the comic, PM me.

Technical Consultant

Back to lanschool, and why it is not worth the cd it comes on. The way lanschool works is that each of the student verson of the software just site a wate for a singal from the teacher verson to do one of many posable things. This sinagl is just a simple packet that dose not even require a conection or for the student verson to know where it is coming from. So to mess with lanschool is very easy if you know the protocol and have means of sending a packet (witch can be done in alost any progaming lang). This protocol can he found easly eoguth by trail and error and using a packt sniffer.

What I found the protocol to be for verosn 5 and 6 of lanschool (the newsets ones) was:

Mode | Version | Channel [to blocks] | DA | D1| ___data here__|__log info__|

Where each block there is in byte from. The data and log info parts are not need but are usefull if you whont to fake the loging system to make it look like some one eltes did the hack.

The mode is basicly what command it will run on lanschool

Version is the sub verson number and is usely 1 or 2 but you can just leave it as one and it will almost always work

For example, lets say I whonted to turn off all the sutdetn verson of lanschool running on channel 5. The packt whould be like this:

(byte)0x08, (byte)0x01, (byte)0x05, (byte)0x00, (byte)0xda, (byte)0xd1

Some of the modes are:
4 ? restor screen
7 ? blacken screen
8 ? shout down lanschool

there are more but they are more completed to use.

tony was here
Dauntless (user)

WOOOOO! I have it from the highest authority that is alive and well!!! Look at this waste of space. Dismantle this unpopular comic and archive it for posterity, and nothing else. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!