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The Book of Typos is missing?!

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Bah, grrr... I accidently saved over one of my previous comics while making a strip today. Damn... I should just make a template file to work with or something. Doesn't really matter, but a bit disappointing in case I would need to come back to the comic in the future.

Anyways, 3rd comic is up and the skedual has been great this week, but I donno how it would turn out to be next week. I've got soo much school work piled up for this weekend, it's scary. I've got english ISP, a project and a debate in economics, biology test and what not. I know I had more things due, I just don't remember. I'd still end up going out to watch a movie or something and make a strip or two for the comic, but I just though I'd share some of my pain with you

ZZzzz... I feel tired right now. I'm gonna go sleep.

Darkness (User)

Thank God it's friday. Because I was waiting for the comic to be released, of course... Well, now I have a break, to study! Yay...well, a break is a break no matter how you look at it. I'm gonna be up late it looks like playing with Flash and doing old AMC12 contests. Gold medal on the way for me...yeah right... On a side note, I wonder what that Chinese means...tony's probably swearing at us or something. -Darkness

Sorry for not posting rant, Ski Club! This weeks comic really starts to getting into the problem of the story. After this the story gets a bit easier to understand, if you dont understand it already. As you may have seen mazer say in the first comic "I will not fail you Hacker Dan", but he just has. What will he do now? -Mav

Well Once again we have a release of the awsome Compsci comic , ew finally get to the point of the story THE BOOK OF TYPOS ,just for referance , thats mazer that in hte comic and he was just PWND by a ninja , and now to book of typos is in the wrong hands , will he quest to get hte book back , or will he own up to his mistakes and let dan handle it ,find out soon???? This rant was from your favourite SPAMMER but remember * dont mess with ninjas , unless you area pirate in a kilt * Justin A-K-A " Shorthair"